Root Canal Treatment – West Jordan, UT

Let Us Take Away the Pain

Models of decayed teeth that could use root canal treatment in West Jordan

Our team at Frandsen Dental of West Jordan wants all patients to understand that root canals do not cause pain. This common falsehood causes many to avoid treatment altogether until they eventually succumb to tooth loss or extreme infection. Instead, this common procedure actually relieves pain by removing infection and saving teeth from possible extraction. Whether you are experiencing intense pain caused by a damaged or decayed tooth, we invite you to call us so that you can undergo a thorough examination to determine if root canal treatment in West Jordan is necessary to save your smile.

Why Choose Frandsen Dental of West Jordan for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Natural Restorations Used to Protect Treated Teeth
  • Enhanced Digital Imaging Used In-Office
  • Dental Team That Puts Patients First

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustrated dental instrument treating the inside of a tooth

This is a multi-step process that many patients claim causes no more discomfort than a dental filling. Designed to eliminate pain caused by an infection within the innermost layer of a tooth, a root canal is a worthwhile procedure for anyone who wants to save their tooth and avoid costly replacement options.

After administering local anesthesia and isolating the tooth with what is known as a dental dam, the dentist will create an opening at the top of the crown so that they can access the inner layers. Once reaching the pulp, our dentist will remove it before clearing out other areas of decay, including within the canals.

We will then fill these areas with a substance known as gutta-percha so that the tooth remains sealed off from harmful bacteria. After some time, a custom dental crown will be placed on top to add a protective layer to your affected tooth.