New Dental Patient Information – West Jordan, UT

We’re Excited to Welcome You into Our Dental Family

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At Frandsen Dental of West Jordan, we strive to make taking care of your smile as easy, simple, and stress-free as possible. From the moment you schedule your appointment over the phone to whenever you enter our practice for the first time, our team will be guiding you through every step of our new patient process and helping you feel welcomed. Below, we’ve compiled a list of important information that we encourage you to take a look at to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Dental Patient Forms

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We ask that all of our new patients please take the time to fill out their forms by downloading them using the link below before their first appointment. If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties that prevents you from doing so, please call our office so we can try to assist you.

Download Forms - Coming Soon

Dental Insurance

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Dental insurance can come in handy, helping patients be able to pay for both emergency treatments as well as routine preventive care. As an in-network provider with several major plans, including Delta Dental, BlueCross BlueShield, Dentist Direct, MetLife, and more, we’re committed to minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses and helping you get the most out of your benefits. Even if you aren’t in-network with our practice, we’re still happy to file claims on your behalf to ensure you save the most money. To learn whether we’re in-network with your plan, call our office today.

Join Our In-House Membership Plan

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Don’t have dental insurance? That’s not a problem! We have an easy-to-use in-house membership plan that will cover all of your basic preventive dental care, all without the complications that typically come with dental insurance. When you sign up, you won’t have to worry about deductibles, waiting periods, or staying on the line with an automated system for an hour to get a simple answer. Instead, you’ll know exactly what your plan covers, and if you have any questions, you can just call our office!

Cherry Financing

Person handing a payment card to their dentist

For our uninsured or underinsured patients, or for those receiving treatments that aren’t covered by your dental benefits, we offer convenient monthly financing through Cherry. Cherry is a third-party, trusted financer that specializes in helping patients be able to pay for healthcare needs. Upon approval, you’ll be able to take advantage of a low monthly payment plan at little-to-no interest, allowing you to easily fit the cost of your procedure into your monthly budget. Details below.