Whitening Strips Can Help Prevent Minor Dental Stains

Dental stains often start out when microscopic particles from dark beverages, and foods adhere to the surfaces of your teeth. Tobacco users are at increased risk of dental stains from the tar and other chemicals being trapped on the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. If these minor stains on the surface are not removed… Read more »

A Case of Dental Attrition Might Require a Crown Restoration

Your tooth enamel is meant to withstand the rigors of daily chewing and grinding. Ideally, each tooth in your dentition should meet for maximum efficiency and minimal wear and tear. Unfortunately, there are times when a minor alignment issue can make one or more teeth meet at an unnatural angle. As time goes on, the… Read more »

A Smile Affected by Multiple Cosmetic Imperfections Can Typically Be Improved by Dental Veneers

Here at , Dr. understands that a bright and beautiful smile can bolster your self-confidence. If your teeth have been affected by chips, discolored fillings, or chronic staining problems, it can put a serious damper on your social life. To improve the appearance of a smile affected by multiple cosmetic imperfections, might recommend dental veneers…. Read more »

Can Sugarless Gum Save Your Smile?

Have you taken the proper steps to ensure your smile is at its optimum protection? Do you brush twice daily and floss at least once daily? Although these are excellent oral health habits required for optimum health of your teeth and gums, there are other additional ways you can supplement your oral health care. One… Read more »

A Brighter Smile is Just Around the Corner for You!

Are you interested in teeth whitening in West Jordan, Utah? If you are, then call our office today and schedule an appointment! We offer a powerful oral whitening treatment that is done in only one trip to our office. It is a simple and painless treatment that can effectively brighten your smile in just a… Read more »

Flossing: The Facts

If you’ve ever visited a dentist, you know that there are a few steps you should take to keep your teeth strong and healthy. For instance, you may know that you should brush and floss daily? While this is true, had you heard that failing to floss could actually lead to several major problems? If… Read more »

When a Filling Starts to Fail the Tooth Might Need a Total Crown Restoration

Fillings are often used to repair a tooth suffering from chipped or mildly decayed tooth enamel. Here at , Drs. Frandsen and Dansie create fillings from materials that are meant to stand the test of time. However, if you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene, the bacteria living in your mouth can gradually weaken the… Read more »

Insights on Your Dental Floss Options

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing each evening as part of an effective daily oral hygiene routine. Despite exorbitant marketing claims made by antiseptic mouthwash manufacturers, flossing remains the most effective way to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth and along the gumline. There are… Read more »

Beware Symptoms of a Filling That’s About to Fail

Drs. Frandsen and Dansie routinely use fillings to repair small-to-modest-sized cavities. While they are effectively hardened or cemented into place with a powerful dental adhesive, no filling is impervious to the passage of time. As the years go by, the bacteria living in your mouth can work to exploit the dental adhesive that holds a… Read more »

The Facts on Losing a Filling

If you’ve ever experienced a dental emergency, you understand that they can be stressful. But if you understand what you should do during an emergency, you will be able to reduce the amount of stress you experience. With this in mind, do you know what you should do if a filling falls out? Brushing and… Read more »