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If you have a tooth that has been causing you problems, you might need a root canal. Do those two words make you uncomfortable? You wouldn’t be the first one. We would like to explain, briefly, what this therapy is as well as why we may choose to go with this option.

A root canal may become necessary after a tooth has become infected, abscessed or the decay has progressed to the sensitive underlayer of the tooth, called the dentin. Once one of these has occurred, the decay could get to the nerve structure, or pulp, of the tooth and cause irreversible damage. That is because the tooth actually may begin to die, and you could begin to notice some discomfort or swelling at this point.

When a root canal is performed, Dr. Brian Frandsen can use a local anesthetic, like when a cavity is being filled, so that you can be as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Then, he can remove the decayed tissue and prepare the tooth to be filled with a rubbery substance called a gutta-percha, which can seal off the root structures and prevent the tooth’s internal structure from reinfection. Depending on how much of the healthy tooth structure remains, you may require a dental crown to restore the tooth’s proper chewing function and aesthetic.

To be clear, a root canal can be done in an effort to save a tooth and to prevent it from further damage. It may be done when the alternative might be a tooth extraction. If you would like to know more about root canals in West Jordan, Utah, please contact Frandsen Dental at 801-890-0030 and schedule a consultation. We would be happy to help you understand more about your dental health and treatment options.