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If you have a child, then you know their care is of the utmost importance. Taking care of your child includes teaching them the things they need to know for their life. Oral health is the same way. By showing your child to brush correctly and care for their little teeth, you are setting them up for positive oral health habits that can last a lifetime.

Our dentists, Dr. Frandsen and Dr. Dansie, care about your child’s oral health and are happy to help you teach your child the importance of oral health care. As a result, our team at Frandsen Dental in West Jordan, Utah, has provided you these tips on how to teach your child to brush their teeth.

Here are some tips and tricks for helping your child learn to brush:

– Always make sure to use an age-appropriate toothbrush for your child.
– Make sure that the brush you use for your child has soft bristles.
– Teach your child to angle their brush at a 45-degree angle for your upper and lower teeth.
– Use a back-and-forth motion to clean your child’s teeth and teach them how to clean on both sides of a tooth.
– Make sure they understand the importance of cleaning off their tongue to remove bacteria.
– If your child should struggle with flossing on their own, you will need to provide assistance until they can do the task comfortably, safely and effectively.

If you are ready for your child’s checkup, or if you have questions about your child’s oral health care, please call us today at 801-890-0030 to make an appointment. We are always ready to help you in any way we can.