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Do you or members of your family play contact sports or go on high-risk adventures? Perhaps you’ve already considered shin guards, helmets or other such safety equipment. What about a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are especially important for children and adolescents who participate in school sports. The American Dental Association reports that sports can account for up to 36% of unintentional injuries in adolescents, and 10%-20% of those are maxillofacial injuries. And according to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, athletes who don’t wear mouth guards while playing sports are 60 times more likely to suffer from a dental injury than those who do. That is why having a mouth guard is so important, so you can avoid accidents that are both painful and costly.

You can buy a generic mouth guard at the local sports warehouse, but if you want the best, most comfortable protection for your mouth or your child’s mouth, Dr. [doctor_ name], can custom-make a mouth guard fit to the exact proportions of the athlete/adventurer’s smile.

If you are interested in keeping your smile and oral health protected this season, then talk to Frandsen Dental in West Jordan, Utah today about getting a mouth guard. Just call us at 801-890-0030 and we would be happy to set up a consultation and answer any of your questions.