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At Frandsen Dental, we believe that a straight smile can make anyone happy, including yourself. And we don’t want you to feel self conscience about your smile, so Dr. Brian Frandsen is pleased to offer braces that can fully straighten your teeth and give you a reason to smile wide and brightly.

How does getting braces work? First, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Brian Frandsen by calling our office in West Jordan, Utah at 801-890-0030. We can definitely set up a date and time for your preliminary treatment. When you come in for the first time, the doctor will thoroughly examine your teeth, probably using x-rays, and he will determine your treatment plan and move from there. You will then schedule an appointment with our office, and then you’re ready to get braces.

When you come in to get braces, you will be happy to find a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Brian Frandsen will start by cleaning your teeth and preparing them for braces. Then, you’re ready for application. he will apply the brackets and then wire them together. You can usually choose to have clear brackets or colored bands around them. Just for fun, you have the option to color your brackets in patterns and we can change the colors every time you come in.

How often you will need to come in depends on your treatment plan. When you come in after that, your teeth will be cleaned and your adjustment wire will be changed. To set up the first appointment, call 801-890-0030 today. Pretty soon, you will have one more reason to smile!