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Dental stains often start out when microscopic particles from dark beverages, and foods adhere to the surfaces of your teeth. Tobacco users are at increased risk of dental stains from the tar and other chemicals being trapped on the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. If these minor stains on the surface are not removed in a reasonable about of time, they will inevitably start to saturate deeper into your teeth.

Dental staining of this magnitude cannot easily be removed by the consumer-grade whitening products sold on store shelves.

To fully restore the white luster of a smile so affected with stains, the dentists at Frandsen Dental’s West Jordan, Utah office will need to administer a professional dental bleaching. The techniques, tools, and potent whitening agents we use, are the safest method for removing stains that have saturated your tooth enamel.

Once your white smile has been fully restored, you will need to take measures to prevent future surface stains from reoccurring. This starts with modest lifestyle changes to limit your intake of dark foods. You might also want to try drinking dark beverages and soft drinks through a straw.

Whitening strips can also be a convenient way to remove surface stains. They are a clear sheet of plastic that has been treated with a topical form of hydrogen peroxide. While they are in your mouth, you will also need to avoid drinking, eating, and using tobacco.

Be sure to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before using a specific brand of whitening strips. This small logo printed on the packaging, represents that the product has been tested and researched for safe use in an oral hygiene regimen.

The concentration of topical hydrogen peroxide, they employ will only be potent enough to remove surface stains. If your teeth once again develop significant staining, you will need to seek further professional measures to restore the white luster of your smile.

If you have stained teeth in your smile, you should call 801-890-0030 to set up a consultation session at Frandsen Dental’s West Jordan, Utah dental clinic.