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Your tooth enamel is meant to withstand the rigors of daily chewing and grinding. Ideally, each tooth in your dentition should meet for maximum efficiency and minimal wear and tear. Unfortunately, there are times when a minor alignment issue can make one or more teeth meet at an unnatural angle.

As time goes on, the tooth enamel might become distressed and a victim of dental attrition. This is even more likely to occur if you’ve​ lost a tooth in the area or if you have an alignment issue from your younger years.

Sometimes Dr. Brian Frandsen can repair dental attrition by applying a dental crown to the tooth. The crown itself is hollow to allow it to anchor onto a pillar of dentin that is called an abutment.

After all the tooth enamel has been removed, Dr. Brian Frandsen will create an impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab where your new crown will be made.

A temporary crown that is made from hard plastic will then be placed over the abutment. It’s important to note that this hard, plastic cap doesn’t restore the full function of the tooth. It is only meant to protect the abutment while you wait for your new crown to be ready.

You will need to come back for a brief second appointment when your new crown is ready. Dr. Brian Frandsen will then remove the temporary crown and your new crown will be cemented into place with a strong dental adhesive.

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