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Have you taken the proper steps to ensure your smile is at its optimum protection? Do you brush twice daily and floss at least once daily? Although these are excellent oral health habits required for optimum health of your teeth and gums, there are other additional ways you can supplement your oral health care. One such option is chewing sugarless gum. Listed below are some commonly asked questions regarding sugarless gum:

Question: When is the best time to use sugarless gum?
– Typically, the damage from acidic foods is most potent during and after eating. Chewing sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after eating can help neutralize its effects on your teeth.

Question: How can sugarless gum be beneficial to your oral health?
– Sugarless gum is beneficial because it seeks to freshen your breath, remove harmful plaque, and wash away food particles. Chewing sugarless gum can increase saliva production in your mouth, which can fight the effects of heartburn, neutralize harmful acids, and wash away food and bacteria, and prevent plaque buildup.

Question: When should I avoid chewing gum?
– Chewing gum that has sugar should be avoided. Although it too can increase saliva production, it also adds more sugar to your mouth, which practically cancels out any benefits that the gum can provide. If you have any jaw pain or mouth soreness, it is also best to avoid products such as chewing gum.

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